About Us

Simple setups

We don't believe in making a song and dance about your video production (unless it's a musical, of course). We use simple set-ups with minimal equipment, meaning a production that is less intimidating and is unobtrusive, especially in event settings.

Results focused

Trust us to advise you on how best to invest in video content. We believe in finding the optimal way to invest your budget, in order to get the outcomes you need for your business.

Evolving and innovating

Want to be a part of the next big thing in video and gain competitive edge over your rivals? We always have our finger on the pulse on what’s happening in video marketing so if you’re an adventurous sort, we’re the perfect fit.

Collaboration at our core

Best results happen when clients and Together Video collaborate together (the clue is in our name). We make sure our processes are easy for you to contribute to and understand so we can make the magic happen.

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