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IGTV: How can Instagram’s Latest Video Platform Benefit your Business?

With Instagram's latest feature, Instagram TV, freshly launched. We break down the reasons why IGTV can work…

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4K Video - What’s the Big Deal?

It's likely in the last number of years you've heard about '4k', whether it's relating to the display of your…

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5 Key Video Marketing Trends for 2018

Our latest blog uncovers some of the top trends predicted in the video marketing world for 2018. Be sure to see…

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4 Reasons to Kickstart Your Video Marketing Plan in 2018

If you've yet to incorporate video into your 2018 content marketing plan, check out our latest blog over on…

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Choosing Music for Your Corporate Video

Music plays an important part when it comes to your corporate video, adding to the overall tone you wish to…

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Why Use Video to Boost your New Product or Service?

Launching a new product or service can be a mammoth challenge for any business. It’s likely you and your team…

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