5 Tips for Creating Magnetic Corporate Videos

5 Tips for Creating Magnetic Corporate Videos

5 Tips for Creating Magnetic Corporate Videos
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Georgina Wilson
Georgina Wilson 11 May 2015

Producing a video showcasing what products or services you offer and what makes you different will excite your audience and act like a ‘magnet’ on your website - making your visitors ‘stick around’ longer.

The purpose of this post is to give you a look at how to create a magnetic corporate video that will engage and build trust with your audience. For more information on why online video is so awesome, check out our earlier post on why you should consider online video in your business.

Without further ado, here are our ‘5 Tips for Creating Magnetic Corporate Videos’:

1. What Information Do You Want to Get Across?

You’ve accumulated a wealth of knowledge about your industry over time. What is the best way to impart this knowledge in a concise and engaging video? What does your audience want to know? Consider things like:

  • What makes doing business with you different?

  • Customer Testimonials

  • Product Overviews

  • Frequently asked questions about your business

  • Pre-empting common misconceptions

2. Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail

Having a pre-defined plan will always make for a better video. Map out the flow of the video. What messages do you want to get across and in what part of the video?

Consider the following:

  • Having a strong opening and closing to the video - including a call to action

  • Will you shoot the video indoors or outdoors?

  • Will the video be scripted or not?

  • Consider the length of the video - shorter is almost always better

3. Brace yourself for Some Brutal Honesty

Get ready for someone to be brutally honest with you. The fact is that this video will be broadcast to the world; so you need to make sure you hit the right notes throughout.

Poll your customers and prospects. What information would they like to see in the video? What are the most common frustrations your audience are experiencing in your industry? Make sure you approach this with an open mind and take other people’s opinion into consideration - particularly that of your target audience!

Also, look at what are the competition doing in this space. How long are their videos? Arm yourself with as much relevant information as possible in order to make educated decisions on what might work best for your video.

4. No Hollywood Director Required

While you may not have a Hollywood budget, there are some elements of production that have to be taken into consideration. Producing a high quality video doesn’t have to be expensive, you just need some basic equipment - video camera, tripod, basic sound equipment. No Oscar-winning director required.

Evidence tells us that a simple white backdrop is perfect for instructional or product videos (especially if the actor is wearing dark clothing). On the other hand, showing off a customer’s site is ideal for showcasing testimonials.

5. Broadcast your Video to the World

Congratulations, you’ve just produced your video and have placed it on your site. Your work doesn’t end there. You have to market your video effectively to reap the rewards of your hard work.

Upload your video to YouTube and Vimeo, write a blog post about it, share it on social media, (and encourage others to share) email the video out to your mailing list and generally make some noise about it!

All this will result in driving traffic back to your site, with the idea of:

  • increasing brand loyalty

  • attracting more and more fans

  • increasing average website visit duration - which in turn will improve your Google rankings

  • convert more visitors into leads

In addition, having a video section on your website, will draw your visitors in and encourage them to spend time watching your material.

Finally, don’t forget to tell people about your video. Be sure to mention your video at client meeting and networking events. This is all part of the marketing process and can only serve to benefit your business.


When producing a corporate video, you really need to sit down and plan out the above 5 points in detail. Putting the time in at the early stages will benefit you greatly when the video has been produced.

If you feel like you would like to talk to one of our team here about corporate video, then get in touch today. We would love to hear from you.

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