Benefits of Interactive Video

Benefits of Interactive Video

Benefits of Interactive Video
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Georgina Wilson
Georgina Wilson 03 Nov 2015

Take advantage of the benefits of web video over television and start making your videos interactive! On the television, a video can only speak to its audience but online a video can be interactive allowing your viewers to speak back to you. This results in higher engagement levels for the audience, possibly increased sales and longer viewer attention.

What is an interactive video?

An interactive video allows its viewers to engage with what they’re seeing and hearing. Examples of interaction could be multiple endings. The video may pause and give the viewer an option of different endings to choose between. Many interactive videos have external links, possibly to a shopping cart, a company’s website or perhaps another video. Sometimes a video will highlight certain areas of interest in the video that the viewer can jump to. There are multiple web apps that can be used to add interaction to your videos. YouTube is very popular for interactive video and Spott also offers this service.

Adding interactive elements to your videos can be time-consuming but has a lot of benefits.

Linking to exclusive content

When you upload videos to sites like YouTube or Vimeo you are given the option to make these videos public or private. You could add a button to a public video that links to a private video with similar content.


Almost half of the viewers of non-interactive videos stop watching after the first 30 seconds. If your video is longer than this and your only call to action is at the end of the video, the majority of your viewers will not see it. It’s advisable to have an interactive element around 20 seconds into the video with a clickable call to action. This may be an annotation with a hyperlink saying ‘subscribe now’ which subscribes the viewer to your YouTube channel when the button is clicked.

Absolute Audience Retention of a ‘traditional’ Online Video:

Retention video

Source: Big3 Video Agency

Linking to Social Sites

You could encourage sharing your video to social media sites via hyperlinks or annotations appearing during the video. Your audience is more likely to share your video if it is quick and easy, so adding this possibility by one click of a button is a great way to influence sharing.

Promote Older Content

You can increase views of older videos by including links to these during or at the end of your video. Your video could close with a selection of thumbnails linking to videos of similar content. If the viewer watched your video to the end, they might like to see another related video. This is a good way to stop older videos getting forgotten about over time.

Longer Viewer Attention

Adding interactive elements to your video keeps viewers interested for longer and results in longer viewing times. You are aiming to hold viewers attention for the entirety of the video, so why not add an interactive element if it will aid this?

Source: 522 Productions


Adding interactive elements to your videos expands the possibility of the viewers returning to your brand instead of forgetting about it after one watch. They can boost subscriptions to YouTube and Vimeo channels and email marketing lists. Adding interactive elements like links for sharing boost the possibility of your video going viral. It can drastically increase sales if you add the option to go to a shopping cart or view a product or service on a website. Interactive elements can even help brands uncover valuable information about consumers that can then be used to craft more effective video marketing or advertising. If you aren’t using interactive elements in your videos, it’s something worth discussing with your marketing manager or chosen digital agency.

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