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Use video to accelerate the onboarding process 

Want to have more flexibility when it comes to training staff? Or perhaps you want to create effective user guides for your clients to help them understand your product? Training videos can be used in a number of ways, ultimately saving you both time and money.

The best part is that the information is readily available for users to go back and look over time and time again. This helps increase retention making it easier for employees to retain what they've learned and also reduces costs as you only pay once for an asset you can use endlessly. 

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Specialist training videos save your company time and money

The benefits of replacing traditional classroom-based training with training videos are endless. You could potentially save costs on administration, instructors and travel while also offering your team a more visual, engaging way to learn which is proven to be more effective in retention. 

Additionally, with the flexibility of video as a medium, training modules can be easily edited to reflect changes in process. Product or software demo videos are also a valuable part of your video strategy. Demo videos can be used in the middle of the sales funnel, allowing you to explain better how your product or software works and highlight the key benefits to help prospective customers at the buying decision stage. 

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