Corporate Video Cliches to Avoid Like the Plague!

Corporate Video Cliches to Avoid Like the Plague!

Corporate Video Cliches to Avoid Like the Plague!
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Georgina Wilson
Georgina Wilson 13 Oct 2015

Unlimited Production Group (UPG) created a video of vox pops answering the question ‘What are some of the worst corporate video cliches?’ They shot this video at Innotech 2014. If you want a successful video for your business, make sure you avoid these…

Same cheesy messages and pictures

If you want your brand to stand out from others in its industry, try to avoid overused metaphors.

Some of the common ones are;

  • a big lock to represent security

  • a handshake in front of a globe to represent a global partnership

  • a bullseye to depict that your project is ‘on target’

  • a water ripple to suggest that you can make an impact


If your brand uses these cliches, you’ll end up promoting your category, not your brand. Don’t let your video fall into the group of videos that you could drop any logo onto. Make it unique to your brand.

Bad Lighting

Bad lighting is a common mistake in poorly shot videos. The use of lighting can transform the quality of a video from a flat, dull, dark video to a 3D aesthetically pleasing masterpiece! Check out our previous blog - Beginner’s Guide to 3 Point Lighting.

Unsuccessful Humour

When you try too hard to be humourous, it shows. When humour is too forced, it’s not funny. It’s ok if your corporate video is not hilarious! It doesn’t need to be. Of course everyone loves a funny video but this doesn’t suit every brand and every video. Try to avoid focusing on comedy too much.

Bad Acting

If you are going for a fictional storyline in your video that requires acting and learning dialogue, don’t just pick anyone working in the office. You will need to fork out a bit of extra cash on professional actors. This is not necessary for every video. If you are simply discussing your business, perhaps in an interview format, a colleague who is comfortable in front of a camera will be perfect.

Bad Scripts

A good script is so important for a video. The purpose of your video is to get your message across clearly. Beautifully shot imagery is no use if the script is poor. Great images compliment a great script but do not make up for a bad one. Budget for a lot of time to be spent on your script in the pre-production stages. You will quickly lose your audience if you do not give this enough attention.

Bad Production Quality

With the growth of smartphone usage, there has been a growth in video production. However, many of these videos are shot badly and have little or no editing. If you want a video that represents your brand, you don’t want to fall into the trap of creating videos on your phone just because it’s cheap and easy. You want to represent your brand in the best way possible. If your brand is successful, reliable and worth knowing about, you need a high-quality video to show this. Do some research and choose a production company that has the skills and expertise to create an innovative high-quality video for your brand.

Generic Footage

Think about your USP and represent these in your video to make it stand out. Some shots suit a lot of videos and will look great each time but if you need to mix these with imagery you don’t see as often. Nearly every office has people drinking coffee, chatting, using whiteboards and typing. What happens in your workplace that’s a bit different? Whatever that is, make sure you have a shot of it in your video!

Poor Music Choice

There are hundreds of free royalty-free songs to choose from but you’ll be searching for a LONG time if you want to find something good. If your production company want to add music to your budget, let them! A good song makes an enormous difference to a video!

Badly Dressed Grumpy Executive

If you are using people in your business to feature in your video, choose them carefully. There is nothing less effective than an uninterested employee speaking in a monotone voice about the business. Choose someone who is comfortable in front of the camera and who has a passion for the content of the video. Take advice from your video agency on appropriate clothing for the shoot.


Remember that your audience want to know the message of the video and why it matters to them. Focus on this key point when writing your script and preparing your video. Try to avoid the typical mistakes made in corporate videos. Find a reliable video agency to produce it for you so that your video can stand out from the rest!

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