COVID-19 Video Production Services

COVID-19 Video Production Services

COVID-19 Video Production Services
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Ellen O'Malley
Ellen O'Malley 05 May 2020

With the physical distancing restrictions currently in place we need to take extra care with live-action videos.

We are shooting live-action mainly in two areas:

  • hygiene-related videos for medical facilities
  • customer targeted videos relating to businesses re-opening (note: these may qualify for grant funding under the new back to work SME scheme)
  • internal training videos on new hygiene protocols 

(We are also working with businesses who are availing of the revised Online Trading Voucher scheme which can be used to deliver video for use on your website. Get a grant of up to €2500 with the business only having to match 10% of the grant amount.)

Even if you can't or don't want to shoot live-action, there is still lots we can do.
We are producing original content using motion graphics and other techniques. We are also repurposing previously shot footage for our clients.

Here is some extra information on what we may be able to do for your business in the current challenging climate. 

Motion Graphics & Animation

Digital technologies allow us to create moving graphic illustrations, combine this with some text on screen and scripted voice over and you’ve got the best and most concise storytelling tool at your fingertips. 

If you are not sure exactly what you need, we’ll work with you (remotely) from idea generation and strategy to scripting and style to create a video completely custom to your brand. 

Check out our motion graphics showreel here for a taste of what our motion graphic work

Stock Footage Hybrid

The standard of stock footage has improved greatly in recent years. If you need live-action sequences, it could be an option for your business in the current lockdown.

What we do:

  • advise on objective planning and defining style
  • sourcing and purchasing of suitable clips. 
  • colour grade footage so that the sequence matches up better 
  • add voiceover and text graphics 

Here’s a recent example of a video in this style for a major financial services brand

Repurpose what you already have!

Some clients have a bank of fantastic video content already. This can be re-edited so as to serve different campaign objectives or different delivery channels.

We can also:

  • add voiceovers
  • add graphic elements
  • insert new stock footage if needed

On the consumption side of things, video has never done so well. With so many people confined to their homes, all types of video content is seeing increased consumption. There are great opportunities for brands on channels such as Youtube, Linkedin and Instagram

If you would like to discuss your requirements, please email us at and we can set up a phone call or Zoom to discuss your options. 

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