Forget Viral! Engagement is the Key Measure

Forget Viral! Engagement is the Key Measure

Forget Viral! Engagement is the Key Measure
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Georgina Wilson
Georgina Wilson 14 Sep 2015

lients often measure the success of a video by the number of views, shares and likes it generates. On the surface, high activity over a short space of time makes it appear as if you have hit the jackpot, but this is not always the case.

A successful video is one that engages with existing customers and attracts new ones. Often when a company’s main aim is just to produce a ‘viral video’ they forget about their target market. It is more beneficial to reach their needs than that of a mass audience.

A ‘viral’ video may receive 100K views on Facebook within a few hours, but how many of those viewers will return to that Facebook page in the future?

Example of a ‘viral’ Facebook post

Take a look at this example:

Image result for fake qantas giveaway post

This (fake) Qantas giveaway Facebook post attracted over 10K likes and shares in less than a day. Seemingly, it looks like a very successful campaign post, but when we take a closer look we see that the page has only generated 390 likes. Therefore, a very subtle percentage of this viral activity has gained a loyal following for the company.

Another vital thing to note is that Qantas is an airline that services flights from the UK to Australia. How much of this viral activity has come from either the UK or Australia?

‘Hero, Hub & Hygiene’

‘Hero, Hub & Hygiene’ is an effective strategy promoted by YouTube & 90 Seconds for converting first-time prospects into customers. A viral video will attract a mass of people to engage once with your content. The HHH strategy is a longer term video content strategy that may score less well on virality but may deliver much more in terms of actual engagement.

Hero Content:

- This is the content that you want to push to a wide audience. A brand may only have a few hero moments in a year, for example; product launches.

Hub Content:

- This is the content that you develop regularly to give a fresh perspective on your target markets passion points. These are staggered through the year.

Hygiene Content:

- For this content, you should consider what your audience are actively searching for regarding your brand or industry, for example, product tutorials, ‘how to’ content, customer services, etc.


The number one question, when making any video, is ‘what is your goal?’ A related factor to consider is how can I create a connection with my audience?

Our intention with this post was to highlight that ‘viral videos’ may not be exactly about what will fit your companies needs, and that there are other video strategies to consider.

If you would like to read more of our advice on video production check our earlier post on 5 Tips for Creating Magnetic Corporate Videos.

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