How to Direct Video Traffic to your Website

How to Direct Video Traffic to your Website

How to Direct Video Traffic to your Website
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Georgina Wilson
Georgina Wilson 01 Dec 2015

YouTube has three billion daily views! It’s the world’s second-largest search engine and is the third-most-visited website in the world. If you want to advertise your company, YouTube is clearly a great place to do it! Vimeo is also a popular channel for uploading videos. It is very popular in the media industry because the quality of videos is often higher than those on YouTube. We advise that your business uses both a YouTube and a Vimeo channel. YouTube has much higher user rates, but both websites have their advantages.

Now let's dive straight into the five ways to convert those video viewers into website visitors!

1. Include a call to action at the end of each video

This may be a single closing sentence telling viewers to visit your website or to try your product. Also, you may graphically display your business name, logo, website URL and other contact details, e.g. phone number, email address, and social media sites. You must let your viewers know where to find you.

Call to action

1.b Include a Call-to-Action Overlay

This is a small banner ad that sits on the lower third of your video. They are very customisable. You have full control of the copy, thumbnail image and the destination it brings your users to when clicked.

The overlay will be visible as soon as the video starts to play but can be easily closed at any stage by the user.

To use this handy feature, you’ll need to begin by signing up at Here is a step-by-step training video that will show you exactly how to install and activate the Call-to-Action Overlay function.

call to action overlay

2. Add your website link to the YouTube / Vimeo description

In your description box, you should start with a 5-6 word call to action with your complete website URL. Don’t forget to include the ‘http://’ so that it becomes a clickable link! You also have the opportunity to include a summary of the content of the video here. At the end of this paragraph or paragraph two, add your website URL again. This way the viewers definitely won’t miss it!

To edit your YouTube description, you need to visit the Video Manager on your channel. To do so on Vimeo, simply click settings - basic and you will see the description box here. Note that any website links in these description boxes do not affect your SEO positively or negatively. It has no effect.

3. Use YouTube Annotations to direct viewers to more content

These are Like buttons that appear on your video and link to more content. They can be used to help viewers find more of your videos, they can link to your website, and you could use them to encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel. YouTube Annotations have multiple benefits and uses.

Note: YouTube Annotations can only link to what YouTube call ‘verified websites’. If your website is not ‘verified’ you should check out this tutorial that includes step-by-step instructions. It is quite a lengthy but very worthwhile process.

4. Try out YouTube’s new feature - YouTube Cards

Similar to YouTube Annotations these are buttons that appear on your video and can direct your viewers to a particular website or page. These are one of YouTube’s newest features and may eventually replace annotations. This handy feature works on mobile devices!

For a more detailed description of YouTube cards check out this video.

This feature is not specific to just the YouTube site, as if you embed a YouTube video in a blog or on a website, the YouTube cards will remain visible and active.

YouTube cards are particularly useful for product videos. The video may be an advertisement for your company’s latest product and the card could be a link that directs the user to the product on the business’s website.

Youtube Card


If you implement one or more of these features to your videos, your website views will sky rocket! Avoid spending lots of time and energy on creating videos that don’t lead to sales and website users. Always aim to link video viewers to your website. Don’t leave it up to the customer to search for your website - do it for them!

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