Is Audio Necessary for Effective Video Marketing?

Is Audio Necessary for Effective Video Marketing?

Is Audio Necessary for Effective Video Marketing?
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Georgina Wilson
Georgina Wilson 19 Jul 2017

Since the 1930s when the film industry began to convert from silent movies to ‘talkies’ (films with dialogue), we have become accustomed to the combination of picture and audio in video. However, with the advent of a recent phenomenon - audio-less video - has this changed?

The emergence (or re-emergence) of silent videos is primarily due to the increase in popularity of video online, especially on social platforms and mobile. Perhaps the most obvious example of the re-popularisation ofsilentvideo is Facebook. When Facebook rolled in their auto-play feature, users could scroll through their news feed on the social platform and videos are auto-played without sound, requiring the user to click on the video to hear any audio, whether it be dialogue or a soundtrack. This is also true for other platforms like Twitter and Instagram. But how does silent video work in relation video marketing? Do videos need sound in order to be effective? According to Think With Google… yes and no.

They looked at YouTube data for over 1000 ads to see how sight and sound are associated with YouTube ad effectiveness. For our purposes, we’ll look at the differences with and without audio.

Brand Awareness - With & Without Audio

Ad Recall - With & Without Audio

Brand Consideration - With & Without Audio

From these, we can see that viewers experience a greater level of brand awareness and ad recall when the ad contained both video and picture compared to picture alone, and a considerably higher level of brand consideration i.e. - the likelihood of a consumer to consider a certain brand when making a purchase decision. Facebook must also have reviewed these stats because, in March of this year, they announced that sound will also be incorporated into their video auto-play feature.

The message is simple - for effective marketing, video performs measurably better with audio as well aspicture

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