Is Your Website Ready for Video?

Is Your Website Ready for Video?

Is Your Website Ready for Video?
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Georgina Wilson
Georgina Wilson 26 Jan 2016

In 2015, Google conducted research on the viewability of online video advertisements. Google’s results revealed that the majority of video ads, outside those on YouTube, were not user-friendly in regards to viewability.

Google’s research also relates directly to corporate videos on businesses websites. If you have gone to the trouble of getting a corporate video produced for your website you want to ensure that it gets as many views as possible.

Have a mobile friendly website

Earlier this year Google announced that they were rewarding mobile friendly websites by ranking them higher in Google search results. The easier your website is to find on mobile, the more visits it will get on mobile and this, in turn, will result in more views on your videos. Watch our two-minute video blog for more information about what this update means for your business.

Mobile phones and tablets are taking over. Google’s research revealed that the majority of video ads (81%) are viewed on tablets, not including YouTube. At YouTube over half of all views come from mobile devices. This research confirms that users like to watch videos while on the go, on their mobile devices. If you are displaying corporate videos on your website, it is crucial that your website is mobile friendly.

Source: Think with Google

Choose the location of your video carefully

Your aim should be to make your videos as easy to find as possible. Less work for the website visitors will result in a higher rate of video views.

Place your videos on your most visited web pages. Do not bury them under tabs that you hope they will click. They may not click these! The videos should jump out at people.

Avoid making a button saying ‘watch video’ which will then bring people to another page where the video is displayed. Try to cut out the number of clicks and just place the video there. All the viewers should have to do is press the play button. Don’t make finding the video into a maze.

Choosing the web page for your video is just the first step, next you have to choose whereabouts on the web page it will go. Google’s survey on visibility proves that the top middle is the ideal location for a video. The video should be positioned above the fold, i.e. the portion of the web page that is visible when the page first loads). Do not bury at the bottom of the page, as users may not scroll down. Never assume people will find videos on their own.


Source: Think with Google

Use a large video player

Larger video players result in higher viewability. People do not want to watch a tiny video that is difficult to see. If you are struggling to alter the size of your video player, talk to your web developer about your options.

According to Google’s research, the most common player size for video ads is only 300 pixels by 250 pixels. The viewability rate* for this size is only 19.8%. Video players that are larger than 640 pixels by 480 pixels have a viewability rate of over 80%, and players sized 848 pixels by 477 pixels have the highest rate of 88.6%. So don’t be a sheep - use a large video player!

*Google’s viewability rates are based on the Media Rating Council and IAB standards that state that a viewable impression occurs when 50% of a video’s pixels are on screen for one second.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 14.21.28.png

Source: Think with Google

No matter what type of video you are displaying on your website the same basic principles apply:

1. Your website and video must be mobile friendly

2. The video should be placed centre top on a web page with high traffic

3. The video should be displayed in a large player.

4. Avoid hiding your video within hyperlinks on hidden web pages.

After going through all the hard work of creating a video, don’t fall down on views by making the video difficult to view. A corporate video is as much about strategy as it is about creativity. You must strategically position your video on your website to see positive results! Is your website ready for video? 

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