The Growth of Video Views on Mobile Devices

The Growth of Video Views on Mobile Devices

The Growth of Video Views on Mobile Devices
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Georgina Wilson
Georgina Wilson 28 Oct 2015

By now we’re all aware that everything is going mobile. People book flights, buy clothes, check their bank balance and watch A LOT of video content on their mobile devices. But did you realise just how much video people are actually watching? An enormous amount and this is continuously growing.

Mobile Video Statistics

This year the IAB polled 4,800 people in 24 countries including the US, UK, South Africa, France, China, Turkey, Finland, Singapore, Russia and more.

This study confirmed that:

35% of viewers are watching more video on their smartphone compared to last year

58% watch videos shorter than five minutes on a daily basis

36% watch video five minutes or longer on a daily basis

48% mostly access video content via apps rather than websites

18% indicated that they watch video via their mobile device’s internet browser

22% only use an app to watch video content

62% find video content through YouTube

42% find video content through their social networking sites

20% find video content through search on their internet browser

14% find video content via advertising

68% indicated that they are keen to share video content they watch via their mobile devices

33% will share a video on a daily or weekly basis

12% will share video at least once a month

Source: On Device Research

Overall, more than 40% of all video views online comes from viewers watching video via their tablet and smartphones.

These statistics stress the importance of your company’s videos being accessible via mobile devices. For help on how to optimise your videos for mobile read one of our previous blog ‘Make Your Videos Mobile Friendly’.


The comparison of viewers watching video via apps (62%) rather than via their mobile device’s internet browser (18%) is no surprise when you think about the stability that apps offer, especially YouTube and Vimeo. Also since YouTube comes pre-loaded on many devices it is used by a lot of smartphone and tablet users. YouTube cannot be ignored when it comes to video production so make sure you know how to promote and customise your YouTube channel. However, you should not rely solely on it. There are lots of benefits of displaying videos on your website so why not consider online video for your business.

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