The Power of Market Segmentation and Video!

The Power of Market Segmentation and Video!

The Power of Market Segmentation and Video!
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Georgina Wilson
Georgina Wilson 04 May 2016

It’s important to keep in mind your targeted market segment before beginning any advertising campaign. Here we’ll examine one of the most influential video advertisements in the past 30 years to understand more about the importance of market segmentation.

How Effective is Market Segmentation?

How important is market segmentation when designing your advertising campaign? Very. A market segment is a subgroup of people or organisations that have one or more characteristics in common that cause them to have the same product needs. Knowing which segment of consumers you are trying to target allows you to tailor your message accordingly to amplify your reach.

Let’s take a look at an example video advertisement and guess what segment is being targeted;

Can you guess? Of course you did! This one is pretty easy. Clearly, this video ad is targeting the demographic segment of males who are roughly middle-aged. In this case, the product practically does the targeting for you - not much thought is needed towards market segmentation.

Subtle Targeting & Video Advertising

Alright, so you passed the beginners test. Now let’s move on to something a little more difficult. See if you can gauge the market segment Coca-Cola are aiming for with this classic Diet Coke video advertisement from the 90’s:

Easy again right? Females! Perhaps the ad is targeting specific females who are a little conscious of what they eat but still want to enjoy a soft drink. Wait...could it not also be targeting males? It could also be said that the ad targets young males who are very conscious of what they eat; maybe this one isn’t as straightforward as first thought…

Need a hint? OK, play the video again, but this time, close your me. I’ll wait here.

Did you get it? “It’s 11:30” and “Diet Coke break” are practically the only pieces of dialogue in this ad (except for the song obviously).

In this example, Coca-Cola are segmenting by the time of day. It’s an old-school marketing technique, but it’s a very influential one in this case; it allowed Coke to break into a segment where few competitors were. Think about that for a moment. At the time, Coca-Cola had their product competing in all of the PM slots, but the competition was stiff. In the evening time, they would compete with a myriad of other soft-drinks, as well as alcoholic beverages. At lunchtime and in the afternoon, it was similar. However, that period in the morning (or in the AM), their only competition was tea and coffee...pretty smart, right? So smart in fact, it changed the norm of drinking habits within that time of day.


And that really is the power of market segmentation. You can see why it is so important to get it right, whether it be a demographic segmentation, psychographic segmentation or simply segmenting by the time of day; targeting the right segment is key to a successful marketing campaign.

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