Tools for Measuring Video Performance

Tools for Measuring Video Performance

Tools for Measuring Video Performance
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Georgina Wilson
Georgina Wilson 18 Nov 2015

As we mentioned previously in our post ‘Tips for Launching a Video Marketing Strategy’ it’s essential to analyse and record your videos’ performance if you want to generate leads. If video is a large part of your marketing strategy, you need to know which videos are effective, who is watching them and how they’re watching them. There are some different websites and tools that you can use to measure your videos’ performance. Below are a few we suggest:

1. Google Analytics

If you have measured your website’s performance, you are probably familiar with this tool. It is a web analytics service, offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. The basic model is free and if you wish you can access premium features for an additional cost.

One of the features that Google Analytics offers is ‘Event Tracking’. This free tool captures all of the non-pageview data, i.e., It tells you what happens within pages, for example, number of plays of videos embedded on a web page. Through event tracking, you can see what videos users watched and at what points they paused or stopped viewing. This tool is useful for tracking your videos that are uploaded directly to your website.

2. YouTube Insight:

If you have uploaded your videos to YouTube, you can also get detailed data for free. YouTube Insight is similar to Google Analytics. It shows you details about your video audience - their age, sex, location, where they found the video and how they interacted with it. You can view the number of likes, dislikes and favourites for each video.

A very handy feature is the ‘Hot Spots Graph’. If you play your video alongside your Hot Spots Graph, you can see what exact parts of the video are popular with your viewers and where the audience tends to stop watching. If you are finding that your audience never watch your videos fully, you should consider making them shorter or adding call to actions throughout the video to add additional interest.

3. Tubemogul:

With this free tool, you can easily display your videos on all of your video sharing sites and Tubemogul will give you a variety of metrics on how viewers consume your videos. For an additional cost, you can display video ads on websites. Advertisers only pay when a user chooses to watch their video. Tubemogul will tell you exactly which sites your video ads are running on and how they’re performing. You’ll be able to see who is watching the videos.

4. Ooyala:

Ooyala is a subscription based service with advanced analytical tools. It has targeted distribution services, i.e. you can display video advertisements on appropriate content rich websites.

5. Brightcove:

Brightcove is also a subscription based service with advanced analytical tools. Both Brightcove and Ooyala ensure that your videos are user-friendly for every type of device and network and offer detailed analytics on who and how people are watching your videos. They also have ad targeting options, i.e. you can insert advertisements within your videos that are targeted at the specific viewers.

Both Brightcove and Ooyala are extremely useful services but may not be ideal for a small enterprise’s budget. The free analytical services on YouTube and Google Analytics are more suitable for smaller scale enterprises.


If you are creating videos for your business, analysing your videos performance is an essential step in your marketing strategy. The are some great tools and services that provide amazing analytics. Start off with a free service and if you feel it’s necessary you could try out a subscription service.

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