Viral Video - What's the Big Deal?

Viral Video - What's the Big Deal?

Viral Video - What's the Big Deal?
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Georgina Wilson
Georgina Wilson 23 Feb 2016

Unless you’ve been living under a rock that doesn’t have WiFi for the last five years, there’s a strong chance you’ve heard the phrase ‘viral video’. Whether it’s been passed around the office on an email chain, someone has posted on your Facebook wall or tagged you in the comments section, there’s no doubt that you’ve seen a few of them.

But what exactly is a viral video? And how can you make your video go viral? This post aims to uncover the hidden secrets behind the coveted viral video and offer insights into how you can get your video to flourish online!

What is a viral video?

A viral video is a video that spreads rapidly online, due to user sharing on social media platforms, emails as well as publishing in any kind of blog article. Ge nerally, a video needs to hit over one million views in a short period of time (3 - 7 days).

Typically, there are three types of viral video;

The Unintentional Viral Video

This is a video that goes viral, even though that was not the intention. These are often live broadcasted video clips where something goes wrong. There are two exceptionally good viral videos from Ireland which have gained some serious traction in the last number of years and months;

  1. The infamous Teresa Mannion Weather Report

  2. The Guy Who Slips on the Ice on RTE

The Intentionally Funny Viral Video

This is a video that was made with the intention of entertaining others. More often than not, this video is funny and does not serve to advertise any product. These videos are often produced by amateurs and can range in subject choice.

One of our favourites of 2015 was the ‘Cats Are Scared o f Cucumbers’ Video

Promotional Viral Videos

These videos are produced with the intention to go viral, to promote a brand or product. The Evian Baby advertisement has become a classic when it comes to advertising and promotional videos.

If you want your brand or product to reach a vast amount of consumers online at a rapid pace. A promotional viral video is what you need! So now that we’ve broken down the different types of viral videos. The question is, how do you make your video go viral?

The following is a list of rules/steps to help your video go viral!

Keep it short

With the amount of videos being consumed online daily continually rising, with platforms like Facebook receiving 8 billion views per day, there’s no doubt that there’s more of a challenge involved in getting your audience to view your video from start to finish.

Keep note that dwindling attention spans means you need to reel your viewer in within the first 5 seconds, or they are likely to click away.


Of course, engaging your customers is something you want to do in every sense of your marketing strategy, not just with viral video.

Humanising your brand by engaging with your audience on an emotional level is certainly one important ingredient in the recipe for a viral video. An emotional, heart-warming script (think “Man on the Moon” for John Lewis), or a funny concept - like the aforementioned Evian advert.

Be current

One of the key ingredients to a successful viral video is to base your video concept on a topic that is relevant or current. By taking inspiration from something that has already gotten a significant amount of media coverage, and depicting it in a light-hearted way with relevance to your company or product, you may just see your video views thrive.

A good example here on home soil would be Super Ceili’s electronic dance remix of the Teresa Mannion weather report got over one million views for the relatively unknown music act.

Remember, satirising a current topic should only be done tastefully. Don’t let your viral success ride on being offensive to others!


A great way to get views for your viral video is by pinning down a universally inspiring concept, which will encourage and move audiences of all ages.

In 2014, Dove released a video for their Like a Girl campaign, in which they asked girls of all ages to do various actions “like a girl” - the result? Girls being inspired to do more than what society thinks they can, and Dove being cemented as an inspiring brand.

Have a marketing plan

Although it is possible to go viral without having a marketing plan put in place. More often than not, it can be difficult for any video which endorses a brand or company to go viral off without any push.

Read one of our earlier posts Tips for Launching a Video Marketing Strategy to make sure you have a video marketing plan before you shoot.

Upload your video directly and to all platforms!

If you want to push your video out on various social media platforms for optimum reach, upload it directly and to all platforms.

Since the purchase of YouTube by Google, YouTube videos can rank quite high on the search engine. So if someone Google’s your product or something similar to the title of your video, there’s a high chance they’ll find it.

Facebook has also introduced the direct uploading of videos. Previously users linked their videos from either YouTube or Vimeo or another video hosting site. By uploading your video directly, your video will autoplay in users’ newsfeeds, and because it is not being hosted on another website, it’s naturally more visible!

And don’t forget it’s not just YouTube and Facebook, you should put your video on all your company’s social media platforms!

There is never any guarantee that your video is going to go viral. However, having a strong, original concept and following the above steps, may help you build your views at a rapid pace and put your business on the map!

If you are interested in seeing what video marketing can do for your business, call Together Video on 01 681 4440.

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