5 Key Benefits of Using Motion Graphics In Your Video

Marketing Advice - 24.01.24
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Today, motion graphics are increasingly prominent in any video production.
They make up the animations in explainer videos, or appear in live-action pieces in the form of illustrations, titles, and other added elements to enhance visuals and create a more engaging experience for viewers.

In this blog, we will explore the key benefits of using motion graphics in videos, particularly for B2B businesses, and delve into the types of animation that can transform your content. But first, let’s look at what motion graphics are. 

What are motion graphics?

Motion graphics are a visual storytelling technique that combines graphic design, animation, and audio to create engaging and dynamic visual content. They are often used in videos on social media or websites, presentations and advertisements. Unlike static graphics, motion graphics involve the manipulation of visual elements, such as text, illustrations, and shapes, to convey a message or tell a story through movement. 
Here are 5 key advantages of using motion graphics.

1. Enhanced Engagement & Retention 

Motion graphics bring life to static visuals, making your content dynamic and engaging. They capture and retain the viewer's attention, ensuring that your video gets watched throughout and its content is easily taken in. 

Animated graphics help to deliver your message more effectively to the target audience. The combination of visuals, text, and movement keeps the audience more engaged and interested, delivering the message more effectively than traditional static images or text.

2. Clarity in Communication

Complex concepts and data can be simplified and presented more clearly through motion graphics. Whether it's explaining a product, service, or complex business process, animation allows for a visual representation that is both easy to understand and remember. Illustrations, maps, charts, graphs, animated UI interfaces, and dashboards are only some of the tools that motion graphics can offer to break concepts down into digestible information.

The communication is enhanced and the message is made more accessible, ensuring that essential details are easily understood and remembered, all the while creating a more impactful experience for the viewer. 

3. Brand Consistency

Motion graphics provide an opportunity to reinforce your brand identity consistently. By incorporating your brand look and feel, colours, logo and other visual elements into animations, our design and animation teams can create a cohesive and recognisable storyboard that will enhance your brand presence across various platforms. 

If you want to keep viewers invested in your content, motion graphics will also offer versatility for sharing content. Whether it's social media, websites, or presentations, the adaptable nature of motion graphics ensures that your branded content remains visually appealing and consistent, regardless of the medium.

4. Versatility in Storytelling

Animation opens up a world of creative possibilities for storytelling. Whether it's through character animations, infographics, or typography, motion graphics allow you to convey your narrative in a unique way, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

Leveraging motion graphics in your business videos, especially by combining storytelling and animation, allows you to better create customised and engaging content. This approach helps establish a meaningful connection with your audience, building a deeper level of engagement and understanding between your business and your target viewers. 

5. Accessibility and Inclusivity

Overall, implementing motion graphics into your video will make your message more accessible to a much wider audience. Motion graphics use visuals, colours, and motion to make your message easy to understand for everyone, no matter their culture or language. This helps make your message more relatable to a broader audience and creates a more inclusive reach. 

Types of Animation for Business Videos

Now let’s quickly look at the variety of different animation styles that our motion graphic experts utilise to enhance our clients’ business videos, such as:

  • 2D Animation: 2D animation is the most used motion graphics format, especially in a business context. It illustrates your content in a simple, stylised manner, offering a visual approach that is well-suited for conveying ideas efficiently. A great example of this is this animation we produced for our client, ETU.

  • 3D Animation: 3D animation offers a more realistic experience by providing a more sophisticated and detailed representation of scenes and objects.

  • Infographic Animation: Infographics are a key element in many 2D motion graphics videos, but can also be animated separately to convey nuggets of data through short clips or GIFs.  They will grab the viewers' attention quickly, communicating important product information more effectively, holding your audience's interest and attention longer than with a still infographic.

  • Kinetic Typography: Kinetic typography is a format where text is animated to match the narrator’s voice, pace and emphasis on certain words. Not only does it add a dynamic and engaging element to your videos but will also make it easier for viewers to follow along. Instead of static text, kinetic typography introduces animated elements such as transitions, rotations, and scaling, ensuring that the audience remains actively engaged and easily absorbs the presented information. You can find an example of our kinetic typography videos here.

Why are motion graphics important? 

To sum up, adding motion graphics to your business videos is a smart decision that can greatly boost your communication efforts. Beyond just looking good, the advantages include higher engagement, better retention of information, and the capability to convey compelling stories.

By seamlessly blending visuals, colours, and dynamic animations, motion graphics enhance message comprehension, captivate audiences, and contribute to a more memorable and impactful communication experience across various platforms.

If you’d like to speak to one of our team about how motion graphics can be used to better connect with your audience and drive meaningful engagement, contact us today at Together Video.