5 Key Video Marketing Trends for 2018


2017 saw a surge in popularity of Instagram stories and live video streaming, both of which are now taking up a big portion of our time spent on social media.

But what’s in store for 2018? We’ve put together a list of five of the biggest video trends predicted for the coming year. 

1. Optimisation of Video Formats

Video, as a medium, lends itself to engagement and SEO. With that in mind, social media platforms have continued to better incorporate and prioritise video in their feeds. As a result, videos are being adapted and optimized according to the platform on which they appear.

The majority of video content is now consumed from mobile and not from desktop. For mobile, the best-performing video formats are the square format (1:1) or the vertical format (meaning the viewer doesn’t have to turn their phone horizontally to view the video. These formats look more elegant to the user as they take up 78% more screen space in the Facebook feed.

On the other hand, the landscape orientation is still the most suitable for YouTube and website banners. It’s therefore important to remember what platforms your video will be consumed on BEFORE shooting. 

2. Social Media Stories

Stories are probably the biggest explosion social media has experienced in a while. Beginning on Snapchat in 2012, stories are now a key feature for users of Instagram, and Facebook also jumped on the bandwagon in 2017.

Several brands have launched sponsored posts and targeted campaigns via Snapchat and Instagram to reach their audience on the go. Recently, YouTube introduced its take on stories by launching Reels, which will be similar to Snapchat stories but will not be deleted after 24 hours.

3. Autoplay Video Ads

By anticipating your action to scroll or tap away, autoplay ads grab viewers’ attention and freeze their fingers for a few seconds. Google Bumper Ads, which can be anywhere from 6 seconds up to a max of 30 seconds, can be a cheap and effective tactic, as they are often catchy, funny and very memorable.

They’re the perfect tool for brand awareness and are often linked with remarketing – that way YouTube users who recently visited your website will be likely to bump into your ad!

4. Virtual Reality and 360 videos

Virtual Reality and 360 videos are definitely ones-to-watch in 2018: they follow the trend of GoPro, drone and action videos, and could become the new frontier of adventurous, viral ads.

They can also be very suitable to present spaces like hotels, gyms, and bars, as they give a real sense of the surroundings and make the viewer feel like they are actually there.
The number of active VR users is expected to reach 171 million by 2018

5. Live Videos

The live video phenomenon started in 2015, but it is forecast to keep growing in 2018.

Live video is spontaneous and engaging and is most used by influencers and big brands across all platforms. Users receive a notification when a live video starts.

People Are reminded of your brand and have the opportunity to react and ask questions in real-time. This medium connects your audience to the human side of your company, adding to your credibility. Facebook’s algorithm also prioritises live video, so it can be particularly useful if you’ve something important to announce!

Now that you’re in on what will be big in video for 2018, are you going to incorporate any of them into your video strategy? For more information on video production and marketing, contact one of our strategists today!