Client Case Study: 3 Dental


3 Dental is a modern dental clinic located in Dublin and Limerick, offering high-quality treatment at competitive prices.

Since the opening of their first clinic in Dublin, we worked with 3 Dental to establish a strong presence online and on social media through Services videos, Testimonials, Profile videos, Television Ads and Social Media promos.

3 Dental faced the challenge of entering the market as a new clinic, competing with very established and more centrally located practices with a long-term and loyal clientele.

We thus worked towards creating an extensive video catalogue that would build trust and engagement in the public.

We aimed at increasing the human presence on their website and produced interview-style videos featuring a variety of staff members talking through the majority of treatments and procedures.

Explaining what each service is and what it involves was not only a way to highlight the staff’s expertise and approachability but also to clarify doubts and demystify common fears around dental procedures, therefore developing a sense of reassurance and familiarity in the viewers.

This was also made a priority in the direction stage through high-key lit but informal interviews, clean visuals of the state-of-the-art equipment, imagery of the clinic’s welcoming settings and the friendliness of the staff at work.

As for another type of production which resulted in an invaluable promotional tool, we collected the voices of existing clients through a series of video testimonials, acting as an extremely efficient and transparent testament to the services at 3 Dental.

We also produced additional content on social media to promote events and competitions, as well as a TV ad for the clinic.

By targeting specific audiences for each treatment and with the help of our in-house marketing team, 3 Dental succeeded in building a strong clientele and growing exponentially up until opening a new practice in Limerick in 2018 and currently expanding their space in Dublin.

Following the success of their video campaigns, 3 Dental then decided to complete their journey. They renewed their website with us and we enhanced the delivery of the existing content building a clean and streamlined platform for all the videos.

Along with that, we produced new content such as a video banner to suit the new design and a a Homepage Profile video, which you can watch below:

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