Client Case Study: IFAC


IFAC is an established accounting firm with more than 40 years of experience in the fields of farming, agribusiness, food and renewable energies.

When IFAC decided to undertake a full rebrand, they approached us at Together Digital to build their website and produce video content to feature in the new designs.

One of the priorities the people at IFAC had most at heart was to communicate their mission of building solid, long-lasting relationships with farmers and businesses all over the country who can turn to their local IFAC offices for any financial needs or advice.

We decided to convey these values and dedication through a brand video, which we produced with gripping imagery of the Irish landscape and people at work, together with an inspiring scripted voiceover.

This brand video became the core of their rebranding campaign and was one of the key moments at their brand launch in January 2018, which we documented with an Event video.

It was a very special day for IFAC as staff from all over the country came together to celebrate this milestone. We heard from speakers and participants and captured the big event unfolding with a sense of gathering and excitement.

Later in 2018, IFAC then went on to sponsor RTE’s The Big Week on the Farm, using some of our work and animated assets to feature in the show highlights.

Whether you are looking to stay connected with your existing audience or indeed reaching out to new viewers, Brand and Event videos are two very strong types of assets to add to your video strategy.
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