Unlocking Training with Video: 5 Benefits


Video is a great way of promoting your company’s brand, products and services, but what many businesses fail to recognise is the alternative video options out there that they should be taking advantage of – employee training videos being one!

This blog will outline five top reasons why you should consider swapping your traditional, in-person training for online training videos.

1. Money saving

In-person corporate training can often be a huge cost to the employer, whether it’s renting a large enough space, hiring someone to lead training, providing documents and refreshments, not to mention losing time being away from the office. And that’s only for one day. It might be necessary to schedule training for a number of different dates throughout the year.

Due to the increasing demand for online video, as well as the improvements in video recording technologies, video production is now more accessible and affordable than ever before.

When you weigh up all the costs involved in organising multiple training days for your staff and compare them to the cost of a training video series, you’ll probably find that video training is more cost-effective.

2. Efficient

One of the most attractive things about opting for training videos as opposed to in-person training is the fact that it is less time-consuming in terms of administration and organisation. Your company could have team members in different towns or cities, or they may work remotely, so scheduling training sessions can be a nightmare. By using online video for training purposes, there’s no need to worry about getting all your team in one place and at one time, and they can access the training video at a time that suits them.

3. Engaging

TechSmith reports that employees are 83% are more likely to watch a video than read documents or web articles. Video offers stimulating visuals combined with audio which is also Research.com shows that video is proven to boost retention levels in employees, which is the main goal for any employee training.

Videos can also be edited ‘to the bone’ so that only what’s needed is shown. This is much harder to achieve in live training.

4. Re-usable

Another great benefit to choosing video training over face-to-face training is the fact that videos can be used again and again. This is particularly beneficial if you are expanding your business or have a shift in employees.

With training videos, you don’t have to worry about a new employee missing out on important training because the next event isn’t scheduled for several months. With video, new staff members can complete training at any time.

5. Learning to suit all paces

Each individual learns and absorbs information in a way and pace that suits them. With in-person training seminars, you risk some employees not being able to keep up with the pace of the training, or it’s even possible some will disengage if the pace is too slow.

Another beauty of online training videos is that team members are not restricted to how many times they can access them, and they can always rewind and go back on a certain topic they may not have fully grasped. While staff who are more knowledgeable on the subject of the training can go at their own speed.

Video training is fast becoming the preferred method of keeping your staff up-to-date and fully trained on all elements relating to their responsibilities in the workplace. Training videos offer a myriad of benefits not just for you, the employer, but for your team too.

Whether it’s live-action, motion graphics or screencast, Together Video can create the perfect training video to suit the needs of your company. For more information, call 01 681 4440 or email info@togethervideo.ie