Using Video to its Full Potential: 4 Tips


The power of video is by now well renowned amongst both B2B and B2C marketers, helping them to increase traffic, sales and customers’ overall understanding of their product or service. However, as the online world continuously grows and evolves it can be hard to keep up with all the trends. 

If you’re not sure you’re using video to its full potential, don’t worry – we’ve put some tips together that you’re going to want to incorporate into your Video Strategy.

1. Use Video at all Stages of the Funnel

Video is a fantastic tool for increasing brand awareness and overall visibility at the top of the sales funnel: your name, product or service will be discovered and remembered by viewers after having come across your ad or content on social media or indeed YouTube.

At the middle of funnel, they will be more engaged in your proposition when this is supported by strong video content on your website. From an SEO perspective, video also makes them more likely to find your website at the top of their Google Search when video is embedded in your homepage.

Video can also help at the bottom of the funnel as a final push to conversion. And not too many people realise that. 

Just to name a few examples, demos, testimonials, tutorials, case studies are all great assets to drive conversion. Also including video in your emails can increase click-through rate up to 55%

2. Measure Data and Engagement

Video also helps you get to know your audience better. Not only should you count video plays to see if people were attracted to your latest content, but Measuring Play Time is crucial to understand much more. For example, play time can suggest what content your audience prefers watching and how engaging your last video was. Also, you can look at what length your videos should be based on how long people watched them.

3. Video Encouraging Action

Video is so present right now that it’s becoming not just a passive experience, but an active tool to perform actions online. 

Have you ever heard of Interactive Video? Wyzowl offers a simple guide to understand it. ‘Buy Now’ and ‘Learn More’ buttons are very effective ways of pushing your viewer to act quickly, especially if they experience a sense of urgency or exclusivity.

Think With Google showed how Yoox did this perfectly for their ‘Most Exclusive Collection’ campaign, giving the viewer only 15 seconds to buy an item before it’s gone forever.

So video is no longer just a ‘sit-back and watch’ kind of media: it can put you on the spot and keep you on your toes!

4. The versatility of video: tailor, spread and repeat

Advertising treasures repetition. If your audience comes across different ads of the same campaign more than once, they will remember it more and take action towards a conversion. 

That is possible by retargeting your audience through Remarketing. Think of a campaign with a series of videos that share the same tagline, theme or structure, try to tailor the same ad to suit different platforms and devices (think of square video for Instagram, portrait video for mobile) or try versions of various durations to suit different channels and audiences. You’ll be the talk of the town.

Now you should be feeling nice and ready to kickstart your Video Strategy – contact one of our strategists today to know more!