Why Use Video to Boost your Product or Service?


Launching a new product or service can be a mammoth challenge for any business.
You and your team have likely gone through endless brainstorming, late nights and too many cups of coffee to get your product to exactly where you imagined it would be, but now you have to come up with a whole new idea about how to launch and get it out there in front of your intended audience. That’s where video comes into play!

52% of consumers say that watching a product video makes them more confident in purchasing, while a whopping 90% of customers feel that watching a video about a product is helpful in the decision-making process.

Add to this, the fact that quality content like video makes you more likely to appear on the first page of a Google search, and there’s no denying a product video is the way to go.
Let's have a look at a few types of product or service videos.

Animated Explainer

Using motion graphics to explain what your product is, how it works and why your customers need it in their lives is particularly useful if the product or service you’re offering is that bit harder to explain with text alone.

Scripted motion graphics explainers use a range of representational graphics and give them motion. The combination of snappy voiceover and stimulating visuals allows you to get your message across swiftly and effectively.

Here’s an example of a motion graphics explainer video we created for FEXCO as they prepared to launch their Multi-Currency Pricing, a tool designed specifically for international e-Commerce.

However, it should be noted that you’ll probably need a higher budget for motion graphics than you think. Pricing of motion graphics video is generally based on the amount of hours it takes to design graphics and then animate them. This process can sometimes take up to 4 X as long as it takes to shoot a 90-second profile video with a couple of videographers and sound recording.


Live Action

Live action can also be a great way to launch your business's latest offering. The benefit of live action is that you can show the actual product or service – in action. This works particularly well if you’ve got a product or service that is visually appealing.

Take, for example, a launch video the team here at Together Video did for Block Burger, a Dublin-based burger joint that delivers gourmet burgers and sides right to your door.

Food of any kind can be pretty tantalising on screen if it’s shot well. Check out the video to see how live action, combined with a CTA in text, worked for this client’s service launch.

Another benefit of live-action video for a launch? You can put a face behind the product or service, especially useful if you’re a new company and want to connect with your target customers on a more personal level. 


Testimonial videos work exceptionally well when it comes to product or service video. If a potential customer lands on your website or searches for a service that you provide and then watches your video, one of the best ways to reel them in is to have real people recommend your product or service.

One of our clients, Magnet Networks, offer a cloud-based telecoms service which allows businesses to work more efficiently when dealing with customer inquiries. Watch the testimonial video where Petra Property Management outlines the benefits of incorporating Magnet’s product into their workspace.

So when it comes to deciding whether to incorporate video into your product or service launch, or indeed promotion – it’s really a no-brainer. A video, no matter what medium you choose, allows your target audience to understand how your product or service works swiftly and the visual and audible elements of video keep them engaged.

It’s important to remember when creating your product or service video, don’t just concentrate on how cool or sleek the product is, or how clever your service is, focus on what it can do for your target customers. How will it change their lives? Improve their workflow? Make them happier? This is what they want to know.

If you’re launching a product or service and want a killer video campaign to go with it make sure to get in touch with Together Video on 01 681 4440 or email info@togethervideo.ie to get a free quote!