Efficient Training: 6 Benefits of Corporate Training Videos

Marketing Advice - 04.01.24

In the last few years, video has totally changed the way corporate training is conceived, delivered and consumed in any business sector.

It is now widely recognised that video is an outstanding medium when it comes to engagement, information transfer and retention, which are core elements of any training or onboarding process.

According to Zippa, employees are 67% more likely to remember information from videos than from text alone. This statistic underscores the effectiveness of training videos in facilitating a more lasting and impactful educational experience for employees. And this is only one of the many advantages of using video for training.

Are Training Videos Effective?

Using video as a medium to transfer knowledge can revolutionise your training and onboarding processes in a number of ways. Video is more cost-effective, much more engaging, and versatile, and these are only some of the benefits we will explore in this blog. 

By utilising video for training, businesses can more easily equip their teams with the knowledge and skills needed to enhance their training efforts. So let’s look at 6 key benefits, which show how corporate training videos can help companies enhance their operations and allow employees to learn more effectively. 

1. Efficient Knowledge Transfer

Training videos in business provide an organised and effective method to share knowledge. Whether it's onboarding new employees or educating the existing workforce about new products, services, or industry trends, videos allow for consistent and reliable information delivery. This ensures that every member of the team is on the same page, fostering a unified and knowledgeable workforce.

As pointed out in the report by Zippa, video is also key to enhancing the digestibility and memorability of the content. The use of graphics helps break down concepts, reinforced by text and voiceover, for a complete and engaging experience.

And if any piece of information remains hard to remember, employees are only one click away from accessing that information again, as the training material stays available for them to rewatch or reference.

2. Cost-Effective Training

Traditional training methods often involve significant expenses, including travel, printed materials, and instructor fees. Switching to video training means cutting down on these costs substantially. And once a video is created, it can be reused for multiple training sessions without incurring additional expenses. This not only saves money but also enables companies to allocate resources more efficiently.

3. Flexibility and Accessibility

In the era of remote work and global teams, the flexibility offered by corporate training videos is invaluable. Employees can access training materials when they need them from any location with an internet connection.

This flexibility not only accommodates diverse work schedules but also allows for more personalised learning experiences, catering to different learning paces, preferences, and languages. Videos can be easily dubbed or subtitled to cater for an international audience, and audio description or sign language can be added for extra accessibility.

4. Consistent Message Delivery

Maintaining a consistent brand message and values is important for B2B companies. Training videos are a great way to share this message throughout the organisation.

Whether it's communicating company culture, policies, or branding guidelines, videos ensure that every employee receives the same information, reducing the risk of miscommunication or misunderstanding.

5. Scalability

As companies grow, so does the need for scalable training solutions. Corporate training videos can easily scale to accommodate a growing workforce. We can easily make updates and modifications to your video, ensuring that the training process remains consistent and that employees receive relevant content to elevate their training experience. 

Corporate training videos are a great solution for businesses because they can effortlessly adapt to meet the needs of a growing workforce. 

6. Enhanced Productivity

Employees who receive effective training become more confident and productive in their roles. Corporate training videos play a key role in providing employees with the essential skills and knowledge needed to carry out their tasks with efficiency. This heightened competence not only empowers employees but also translates into elevated productivity levels. 

Ensuring that employees are well-equipped and knowledgeable through training videos, means businesses can better foster a workforce that is not only more capable but also more effective in achieving their goals.

What Makes a Good Training Video?

A good employee training video is clear and to the point, covering specific learning goals. Usually, programmes are divided into a suite of videos. This not only keeps the information digestible but also allows the content to be taken in as bite-sized lessons at different times if preferred. At Together Video, we also help with scripting the content so that it is as clear and engaging as possible.

Training suites can use either live-action or animation formats, depending on the nature of the content. Regardless of the format, text and graphics should support the information.

A medium pace is ideal; however, as mentioned, employees will be able to pause and rewatch or skip sections if they are already familiar with certain chapters. Training programmes should also be interactive where possible, accessible and can be updated regularly for the information to stay relevant.

As highlighted, the positive impact on employee learning and memory retention is evident, making video a clear leader when it comes to training programme delivery. Using corporate training videos has clear benefits. It's a popular, engaging, and convenient method for cost-effective training and improved scalability.

If you would like to discuss how training videos can elevate productivity and knowledge retention in your workforce, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at Together Video.